Can I watch my optimum DVR on my laptop? (2023)

Can I watch my optimum DVR on my laptop?

With the Optimum TV App you can also: Watch your DVR recordings anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Can you watch optimum on a Laptop?

Cablevision's Optimum app for PC and Mac exits beta, live TV streaming now available to all (update) Cablevision's Optimum App for Laptop, which streams live TV to a PC or Mac, has exited the beta phase and is now available to all subscribers.

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Can you watch Optimum DVR remotely?

Watch all your channels at home, stream your favorite networks on the go, access On Demand programming and schedule Cloud DVR* recordings from all of your devices. You can also use your device as a remote.

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How do I access my DVR optimum?

To access it, press DVR on your remote or go to Channel 1001. + Press DVR or go to Channel 1001 to access the Recorded List. + Use the ARROWS to highlight what you want to watch and press SEL.

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Does the optimum app work on PC?

Load offers, earn and redeem points and manage your account all through the convenience of the PC Optimum app.

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How much extra is DVR Optimum?

The DVR fee is pretty pricey for the amount of (or lack thereof) storage hours you receive. An $11 per month fee for each set-top box is pretty standard, and they give you the option to rent a modem for $10 per month.

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How do I watch optimum TV on my Macbook?

Get Started
  1. Connect the HDMI cable (not included)
  2. Connect the power cable.
  3. Turn on your TV, then select the HDMI input that's connected to your Apple TV.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue with set up.
  5. Select the Optimum TV app.

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What is optimum DVR cloud?

Welcome to Cloud DVR. Take total control of your TV-viewing experience and watch your recorded shows whenever you want. + Record up to 15 shows simultaneously while watching any live or pre-recorded show, from any cable box in the house. + Store up to 300 hours of SD or 75 hours of HD programs in your program library.

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How do I access my cloud DVR?

To watch recorded programs:
  1. Access recorded programs on your device based on their specific program library:, Android and iOS devices: DVR > My Recordings. Roku and Apple TV: My Library > Recordings.
  2. Select the program you'd like to watch for details.
  3. Select the Play button.

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Is Altice and optimum the same?

Altice bought the Optimum brand and Cablevision for $17.7 billion in June 2016. Cablevision was combined with Suddenlink Communications to create Altice USA, the fourth largest operator in the United States.

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How do I use Optimum cloud DVR?

Altice One: How To Use Cloud DVR - YouTube

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How does the cloud DVR work?

(cloud Digital Video Recorder) Saving TV shows in the service provider's datacenter rather than in the DVR/set-top box by the TV. Regular DVRs have a hard drive storage limit, and movies must be periodically deleted to make room. They also have a simultaneous recording limit.

Can I watch my optimum DVR on my laptop? (2023)
How do I use Optimum multi room DVR?

Tutorial: Recording with Multi-Room DVR from Optimum - YouTube

Is PC Optimum app free?

Membership is free and you do not need to buy anything to open a PC Optimum™ account (“Account”).

Can you watch optimum TV on Firestick?

No. Optimum app only works on phones, tablets or laptops.

Can I watch optimum without a cable box?

Without a cable box or HD DigitaLink connected to each TV in your home, you'll no longer be able to enjoy these channels. You must call 844.737. 7111 at least 2 weeks prior to your area's Phase 1 encryption date to order equipment.

How can I get Optimum to lower my bill?

Get Lifetime Discounts

The best way to lower your Optimum bill is to get them to give you a lifetime discount on your service. You can get a lifetime discount by starting the cancellation process with Optimum at (888) 276-5255.

How much is Optimum 300 after a year?

PlanMax speedsRegular monthly price (after 12 months)
Optimum 300300Mbps download, 20Mbps upload$110
Fiber Optimum 300300Mbps download, 300Mbps upload$110
Optimum 500500Mbps download, 20Mbps upload$130
Fiber Optimum 500500Mbps download, 500Mbps upload$130
2 more rows
Jun 24, 2022

Is Netflix free with Optimum?

Cablevision was one of the first cable operators to embrace SVOD services. Altice USA has started offering new triple-play customers in its Optimum footprint free Netflix for one year. An Altice rep confirmed that the promotion started in September.

Is there an app for Optimum TV?

Download & Install

Download the App on your iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices here: Or at

Why can't I watch Optimum on my iPhone?

It appears that the Optimum TV app was very recently updated and the currently installed app version is blocked from running. As the update requires IOS 13 or later, this is a problem for those of us with older iPads and iPhones who can't afford to replace them all.

Can I watch Optimum on my smart TV?

Can I watch Optimum on my smart TV? Yes, you can watch all your favorite programming and shows through Optimum on your smart TV. However, you will need an Optimum cable TV device to access all the channels and features included in your subscription on your smart TV.

How can I watch a movie on my laptop from my phone?

All you need is a free Android app called 'VLC Direct' (available on the Android Market), a software called 'VLC Media Player' (Download and install VLC from - installed on your PC and the two devices to be connected to the same network.

How do you watch a movie on your computer?

If you have an Internet connection, you can watch movies on your Windows laptop using an online video sharing service such as YouTube or any of several free or paid movie sites such as Netflix and Hulu. When you watch movies online, you're using a technology called streaming.

Can we see movie in computer?

Most computers have a processor and video card that is sufficient to ensure an enjoyable playback, and it is handy while traveling to be able to watch movies anywhere. Some users also run a dual display so they can work on a file and watch a movie at the same time.

What is the best computer for streaming movies?

Next, the laptop should have a good sound system and powerful speakers because watching movies is more than just looking - it's about being able to hear what's going on as well!
  1. Lenovo Flex 5. ...
  2. Dell 9310 XPS. ...
  3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro. ...
  4. Acer Swift X. ...
  5. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3.
Mar 22, 2022

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