Can you share audio on MacBook Pro with AirPods? (2023)

Can you connect 2 pairs of AirPods to a MacBook Pro?

On the bottom left of the Audio Devices window, click the + button → select Create Multi-Output Device. Untick the default MacBook speakers and tick the box next to the two sets of AirPods. Tick the Drift Correction box next to the second pair of AirPods.

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How do I share audio from my laptop AirPods?

Share audio when a friend is wearing AirPods or Beats headphones
  1. Wear your AirPods, and make sure they're connected to your device.
  2. On your device, tap. ...
  3. Tap Share Audio (below the name of your headphones).
  4. Bring your friend's headphones close to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  5. Tap Share Audio on your device.

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Can you audio Share with AirPods?

Start listening to a show or music on your iPhone or iPad using your headphones or AirPods. Next, tap on the AirPlay icon -- which can be found in the app you're using to stream, on the lock screen or in Control Center. Just below your AirPods or Beats will be a Share Audio button. Tap it, then follow the prompts.

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How do you have two audio outputs on a Mac?

In the Audio MIDI Setup app on your Mac, click the Add button at the bottom of the sidebar in the Audio Devices window, then choose Create Multi-Output Device. A new multi-output device appears in the sidebar.

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Can 2 AirPods connect to one computer?

Yes. You can. At least I have done it with AirPods Gen2. Using Audio MIDI Setup.

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Can you connect two Bluetooth headphones to macbook?

Quick tip: It's possible to connect multiple Bluetooth devices to your Mac at one time. If you want to connect more than one set of headphones, however, you'll have to use the Audio MIDI app. You'll find the app in your Applications > Utilities folder.

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How do I use audio sharing?

How to share audio with two sets of wireless headphones - YouTube

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Can you connect two Bluetooth headphones to laptop?

What is this? You can, however, adjust your PC's settings to use one wired headset and one pair of Bluetooth headphones. If you insist on using two Bluetooth headphones, you need to use an audio mixer or a Bluetooth adapter.

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How do I pair 2 pairs of AirPods?

For the second pair of AirPods, you will need to open the case lid and then press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for the setup animation to appear. Tap Connect > Done, and your AirPods will be connected to the device.

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How do I connect two AirPods to one device?

Tap Share Audio. If your friend has AirPods or AirPods Pro, hold them close to your device with the AirPods inside the case and open the lid. If your friend has AirPods Max, hold them close to your device. If your friend has Beats wireless headphones, put them in pairing mode and hold them close to your device.

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Can you connect 2 AirPods to HP laptop?

You can use the steps below to connect to a pair of Airpods and any other Bluetooth or hardwired audio device, but not 2 pairs of Airpods. Select the new device you created from the volume menu or from the Sound System Preferences. Enjoy sharing audio with your friend.

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Can you share audio on Mac?

To begin sending Mac audio to both headphones, launch System Preferences from the Dock or Apple menu, click on the Sound panel, click on the Output tab, then select the Multi-Output device from the list of audio output devices (see screenshot below).

Can you share audio on MacBook Pro with AirPods? (2023)
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